Publications from the lab. Names of excd.lab members are highlighted in orange. Full-text versions are linked to wherever possible. Please contact Fiona Jordan if there are articles you cannot access.

Accepted/in-press publications and pre-prints:

  • Haynie HJ, Kavanagh PH, Jordan FM et al. Pathways to social inequality. Evolutionary Human Behaviour. Accepted. Pre-print:
  • Passmore S, Klein W, Greenhill SJ, Quinn K, Evans N, & Jordan FM (2021) Kin against kin: Internal co-selection and the coherence of kinship typologies. Biological Theory. Accepted.
  • Sheard C & Jordan FM. To appear. Comment on ‘The Evolution of Australian Kin Terminologies’. Current Anthropology, 62. Accepted.
  • Samarasinghe AN, Berl REW, Gavin MC & Jordan, FM. 2019. Evaluations of accents can be used as a measure of prestige. Pre-print:
  • Berl REW, Samarasinghe AN, Roberts, SG, Jordan FM & Gavin MC (2019) Prestige and content biases together shape the cultural transmission of narratives. Pre-print:

Published papers:









  • Kushnick G, Gray RD, & Jordan FM. (2014) The sequential evolution of land tenure norms. Evolution and Human Behavior 35 (4): 309-318.
  • Boden G, Güldemann T, & Jordan FM. (2014) ‘Khoisan’ sibling terminologies in historical perspective: A combined anthropological, linguistic and phylogenetic comparative approach. In Güldemann T & Fehn A-M (eds.), Beyond ‘Khoisan’: Historical relations in the Kalahari Basin (pp. 67-100). CILT 330 ed. John Benjamins, Amsterdam.


  • Jordan FM & Huber B. (2013) Evolutionary approaches to cross-cultural anthropology. Cross-Cultural Research 47(2): 91-101.
  • Jordan FM. (2013) Comparative phylogenetic methods and the study of pattern and process in kinship. In McConvell, P, Keen I, & Hendery R.(eds.), Kinship systems: change and reconstruction (pp. 43-58).  Salt Lake City, UT: University of Utah Press.
  • Jordan FM, van Schaik C, Francois P, Gintis H, Haun DBM, Hruschka DH, Janssen MA, Kitts JA, Lehmann L, Mathew S, Richerson PJ, Turchin P, Wiessner P. (2013) Cultural evolution of the structure of human groups. In Richerson PJ &  Christiansen MH (Eds.), Cultural Evolution: Society, Technology, Language, and Religion (pp. 88-116). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.



For publications before 2009, see Fiona Jordan’s publication record on the University of Bristol research repository.