expectant dads get fat + parable of hats

New Scientist reports on research in Biology Letters, demonstrating that, in marmosets and tamarind monkeys at least, dads-to-be put on weight during pregnancy as well as the mothers. The hypothesis is that the extra weight gain (about 10%) provides an energetic reserve for when the infants are born and dad has to cart them about on his back.

Pharygula has the most marvellously satiric parable: Planet of the Hats.

3 thoughts on “expectant dads get fat + parable of hats”

  1. The most fascinating part is all the people who are either so ironically commenting on hat-wearing that it just looks like they missed the point, or they are, in fact, entirely missing the point.

    Funny in light of our completely un-ironic discussion of hats the other day; little did we know 🙂

  2. Re. the expectant dads: I’d want to know whether they take off the added weight as a result of the theorized increased labour of carting sprogs. If not, I’d offer the alternate theory that the extra weight comes as a result of joining their mate in eating more during the pregnancy — if she’s demanding more and more is being provided by one or both of the pair, is it surprising if both of the pair consume more during the pregnancy?


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