I dug out my PDA (a Visor Neo, in up-to-the-minute monochrome) this weekend and have just synched it all up with the Oyster1. My mac is probably having hissy fits about being attached to such an antique piece of technology, but it’s plenty good enough for the diary and contacts function, which is what I am re-trialling it for.

I’m not having much success with the paper diary method this time around; it worked when I was working in design and had it open on my desk constantly for appointments etc. I never remember to take the diary with me though, and the PDA is a bit more bus-friendly. My scheduling is more a case of one or two “appointments” a day (if that) and then a series of tasks to complete. I’d like to track the time spent on those, so we’ll see how this goes.

I’m not really enamoured of digital diary software either; iCal is okay, the Palm Desktop is a bit mouse-intensive. My main problem is that I seem to spend more time entering things than actually doing them. Anyhow, this is the start of a new experiment.

1. My laptop is called Pearl, so it makes sense that my desktop is the Oyster. Right?

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