Apparently so, because there are a number of bug posts on this blog. Via Grow-A-Brain, a video of the amazing Megalopyge opercularis, a moth so fuzzy and furry I squealed a little at how cute it was. Of course, that fuzz is out to get you, as the “fur” is actually venom-carrying prickles that’ll have … Read more


Went to Natural History Museum today. Disappointed like a seven year old when realised the new ANIMATRONIC DINOSAURS weren’t on show until the weekend. Was also annoyed by the dustiness and not-working lihgts in the gemstone collection. Consoled self with the zen of watching the leaf-cutter ants. Now you can too.


I used to be one of those annoying girly types who hated bugs. I still am phobic about ants en masse, but this can be tied to my dreadful teenage habit of leaving glasses of sweet drinks by the bed, and one day waking up to nearly swallow a mouthful of ant picnic. I also … Read more