five things to update

The not-blogging-because-I’ve-not-anything-meaningful-to-say phenomena has really got to stop. Email’s become like that, too. I put it off and then it’s three months later and I feel like I have to write a mini autobiography, when really, two lines at the time would’ve been sufficient. So, in points, some interesting things of late: 1. Modern Approaches … Read more

I just look at the figures

Why is it with all the combined mac-love and technogeekery amongst phylogeneticists there isn’t a simple, friendly way to get my treefile into a presentable graphical form? At present, it’s something torturous like from PAUP > Save As Pict. Then in Word, Import > Picture > File, and try to manipulate the individual bits. Until … Read more


I would very much like EndNote to interface with WordPress, my PDA, my email, and in general, my brain. But mainly the first. I like EndNote very much, and it has improved greatly over the years. I always feel I’m not using it to its greatest capabilities, despite always looking for tips and tricks, and … Read more