Via John Hawks: big words make readers think you're not clever

At Jaron Lanier on the aggregating-phenomena of the the web, where he views Wikipedia (for example) as one of many "online fetish site(s) for foolish collectivism".

Yeah, exactly. The Jolie-Pitt enterprise and celebrity colonialism. Remind me again what Geri Halliwell does for the UN?

Moleskine's City Notebooks (via Londonist). I covet, nngh. Londonist's flickr group is also a great source of internerdly distraction.

Where you get your first post-PhD job really matters.

Language Log's old but clever posts that have a jolly good time ripping apart that Da Vinci Code book.

The decline of the art of the lecture.

Slate's slideshow on mad scientists at the cinema. Grr, gnash, wail. A pet peeve.

Thoughtful post about men's attempts to defuse feminist anger through joking.


In other news, today I voluntarily wore socks and sandals [1]. I don't know how the style part of my brain has been coerced into thinking this is acceptable. It's not fashionable, but certainly comfortable. Maybe all those deputy principals were on to something. I'll be a bit horrified if I start with the wearing of walk shorts, though.

1. Perusal of the link leads to the conclusion that sock+sandal wearers are overwhelming male, 40+, white and overweight. Hmm. Where are all the proud women s+s wearers? (No, don't answer that, honest.)

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