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My lame attempt to add content to today's post is to report that I went to a workshop on dealing with the media. We didn't actually get to the most useful part of it (mock interviews), but there was some interesting advice from our Media Relations centre here and from the presenters. Myself and the other Fame!Recognition!PopSci!Junkies in the group possibly are all a little early-career to benefit from this stuff, but any pointers on how to present complex technical information to General Public and Private Citizen is always helpful.

I think I took away the message that while, for me, the methodology of my thesis is the cool stuff, what is going to be newsworthy are the results–the anthropological meat of inheritance and kinship.

Onto a link roundup:

An appalling choice of sensationalist headline for news about eukaryote evolution. Nice one, NZ media.

Watch a video of Jared Diamond's lecture on his book Collapse, given last year to the Royal Society. Also linked are other video lectures including those by Steve Jones and Bill Bryson.

Also from the Royal Society, the Summer Science Exhibition in the first week of July: the list of exhibits is now online.

The Art Farm Project. Heeeeee.

Newfangled ways of doings maths are being abandoned, back to the old methods. Scarily, the old methods are the ways I know. The new methods look like too much hard work to me.
Finally, from my previous life in the jewellery trade: the Summer Exhibition at the Goldsmiths Company.

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